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Jonathan is the CEO of Aj&Smart which is a Berlin based Design agency.

Jonathan goes through how he transformed his small agency to one of the most requested design and product agencies in the world and how he went from not earning money to making millions of euros.

He also runs a very popular podcast about product design and to be honest it covers a lot about doing business in general in Silicon Valley.
The Podcasts name is “The Product Breakfast Club” and is available on most platforms out there.

Follow this crazy man on the net here:

In todays episode we were happy to host the author, mentor & entrepreneur Chris Cooper.

Topics of the podcast were:
  • How Chris started his business and where he is right now
  • Setting up a business for success
  • Silent knowledge and how to teach people
  • How to source and find personnel
  • How to manage with time
  • Chris Coopers new book “Founder, Farmer, Tinker & Thief”
  • Coopers favourite books

He is well known within the CrossFit world but his practices are and should be used by other industries as well and for us it was inspiring to talk to a person that has helped so many to turn around their business and make their dream come true.

He keeps on mentoring after already mentoring over 2000 businesses and turning many of them from bankruptcy into wealth machines. The motivation and the drive comes from his urge keeping people from doing the same mistakes as he has been doing.

Check out his homepage:

Download and buy his book:

Favorite quote: “Advice is a lot like medicine. The wrong dosage at the wrong time, can actually poison you”

Author books:
Twobrain business
Help first
Two brain Business 2.0

In this podcast episode we met Tony Neal at the German Throwdown and sat down and had a conversation.

Sadly the first 15 min didnt get recorded but still the conversation was good.

Tony founded one of the first CrossFit affiliates in the military base called Liberty and therefore the affiliate got the name CrossFit Liberty. Tony then moved to Germany where he now lives and runs his affiliate.

Tony shares his story and his passion for helping people, training and beer. We talk about how to be productive and effective as husband and father of four kids.

  EGregor Schregle is one of the pioneers of CrossFit in Germany and is the founder and owner of CrossFit Rhein-Neckar. He is also known as the guy who programs the German Throwdown workouts and well known and liked by the community. We dive in to discussion about health and how to drive people more into a healthy lifestyle and especially how hard it is to bring your family to understand that CrossFit is not about being a muscle up monster. We also talk about specific requires he has for people to achieve before doing more advanced techniques and skills within crossfit. More about Gregor and his box you can find here:  

  We had a pleasure of meeting Adrian Mundwiler during the German Throwdown 2017 in Mainz, Germany. Adrian is a CrossFit Games athlete who currently trains in CrossFit St. Moritz in Swiss Alps, hence his nickname, the Mountain Man. He is a former ice hockey player with a mindset of steel and has proven to be one of the fittest guys on earth. You can follow him on instagram @adrianmundwiler. Good luck mountain man!  

  Events like German Throwdown are very important for new sports and it is important to have professionals taking care of them. This episode we meet Benedict Gebhardt who is the Managing director of the German Throwdown. He comes from a totally different realm of sports but fell in love with CrossFit while studying and being a semi-pro in golf in USA. In this episode we talk about how CrossFit can grow in Europe and how the future looks like in Germany. We also talk about the importance of having a fitness routine outside your regular sports such as Golf, Rugby and Ice-hockey. Benedict also tells us about his urge to open an own box and how that pivoted him into getting to know the founder of German Throwdown leading him at the end to become the man in charge. The event grew unexpectedly last year and he got sponsors like Reebok, Foodspring and Eleiko to help to run the event. This year we some changes in the lineup and the event will be more prepared for more expectators. We hope that German Throwdown will ignite the CrossFit torch in Europe for real and that it will inspire more kids to start doing CrossFit. Finals are held 11-12 November! Get your tickets now and support this great event. On instagram: @germanthrowdown  

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Anyone that has met Chris Hinshaw will probably confirm that he is intense, in a good way. He doesn’t leave anything to chance. This is probably also the reason why he could compete and be successful as an ironman athlete and businessman. Many top athletes have now started to listen to Chris and his methodology since he started coaching Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Tia-Claire Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir and Mat Fraser. Meaning almost all top 10 athletes in the games had something to do with Chris. Was this just by accident? We don’t think so. In this quite long episode we handle many many subjects and to be honest we had the feeling there was still left to talk about. Chris shares and gives a lot of his knowledge through many platforms and he did not hold back in this episode either. We talk about different ways to program smarter to be able to do more pull ups, handstand push ups, thrusters and much more. Chris also shares what was his initial spark to begin with triathlons and to start with Ironmans and we believe this has some great take-aways for parents and/or any kind of coach out there. Feel free to comment and give us feedback. Happy to hear what you have to say.