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#016 Chris Cooper – Turning bankruptcy businesses into wealth machines

In todays episode we were happy to host the author, mentor & entrepreneur Chris Cooper.

Topics of the podcast were:

  • How Chris started his business and where he is right now
  • Setting up a business for success
  • Silent knowledge and how to teach people
  • How to source and find personnel
  • How to manage with time
  • Chris Coopers new book “Founder, Farmer, Tinker & Thief”
  • Coopers favourite books

He is well known within the CrossFit world but his practices are and should be used by other industries as well and for us it was inspiring to talk to a person that has helped so many to turn around their business and make their dream come true.

He keeps on mentoring after already mentoring over 2000 businesses and turning many of them from bankruptcy into wealth machines. The motivation and the drive comes from his urge keeping people from doing the same mistakes as he has been doing.

Check out his homepage: http://www.twobrainbusiness.com

Download and buy his book: https://amzn.to/2yhIHm8

Favorite quote: “Advice is a lot like medicine. The wrong dosage at the wrong time, can actually poison you”

Author books:
Twobrain business
Help first
Two brain Business 2.0