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  In this episode we had the honor to talk to Kelly Starrett, which is a legend whiten the Crossfit realm, but also within the professional sports in the USA. He has coached and helped top tiers from all professional leagues like the NBA, NFL and NHL. As a former national champion in kayaking he is also well known within the paddling sports giving best practice and expertise in these sports. He is the co-founder of Crossfit San Francisco and Mobility Wod, and has written several books and best sellers like “Supple Leopard”, “Deskbound” and “Ready to run”. He has also together with his wife started an organisation called Standupkids.org which aim to get kids off the chairs and become mobile in school. In this episode we hear the story of how Kelly came in contact with CrossFit, and how his idea of Mobility Wod came to be. We also get to know how he came up with the idea of using resistant bands to create distraction in the joins while mobilizing. He shares his favorite books and reveals how his advice turned up sales by $40 Million in a couple of months. Find out more about Mobility wod here: mobilitywod.com on instagram: @mobilitywod